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My Favorite Projects

UIA-HYP CUP 2018 International Student Competition In Architectural Design
(Summer 2018)

The topic is Urban Co-Living: Customizing Modules for Community. We intended to challenge the current Co-Living mode and include Unprecedented Efficiency of Relocation; advanced construction technologies; autonomous transportation and logistic systems; new values and ideologies, and the importance of human interaction.

Food Market and Hotel Tower
(Fall 2018)

With the development of modern architecture, steel and concrete continue to serve as the primary materials for large scale construction across the globe. Although the spatial, aesthetic, and structural affordances of these materials are universally accepted, the ecological impact of their productions is increasingly difficult to ignore.

snow rendering.jpg
rendering done exterior.jpg
Environmental Charter School
(Spring 2018)

For this project, I prototyped a charter middle school for 6th to 8th graders. A fundamental aspect of ECS is to teach ecological literacy. To this end, students and teachers must be provided the opportunity to actively engage in the operation of the building - from passive strategies to active strategies to measuring and verification of performance.

Material and Assembly
(Spring 2017)

This assignment gave us the opportunity to study building structure for the first time.

We were asked to do a physical model based on a given section, and then create an assembled axonometric drawing and a exploded axonometric drawing based on the model.

Saco Lake Wellness Center
(Spring 2017)

This project located around the Saco Lake in Carroll.

We were asked to develop a new wellness center which contains bathing pools, sauna room, and other related programs.

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