Studio Project | 2019 Spring

Brain Hub

Pittsburgh, USA

Carnegie Mellon University is a powerhouse in neuroscience, but the expertise is hidden all over campus. The Mellon College of Science needs a real presence on the Main Campus and the Neuroscience Brain Hub needs to be visible from the main road in front of the university. The Brain Hub gathers all the expertise together and encourages them to collaborate across multiple areas of expertise. 

Being a building that allows faculty, students, and postdocs to collaborate, Brain Hub has a center collaboration area on each floor that works as a nucleus in a cell. The dendrite-liked bridges around the collaboration area connect the labs on the sides. The Brain Hub has complex lab requirements but also needs flexibility for change which demands a strategic infrastructure approach. Therefore, the designer chose to have labs with different sizes on each floor to fulfill different demands.

Ground Floor Plan
Above Floor Plans
Master Plan
West Elevation