Competition Project | 2018 Summer

UIA-HYP CUP 2018 International Student Competition In Architectural Design

Hangzhou, China

At this moment, urban co-living implies the creation of inspirational living and working spaces that encourage a series of community and social interaction in the built environment. In this project, we proposed the following features added to the ones in the current model.


1. Unprecedented efficiency of relocation

This idea of consistently moving from one place to another throughout a person's life could be more exciting with the introduction of a system that "take care" of a lot of steps.


2. Advanced construction technologies

Pre-fabricated modules that are installed by robotics on site will minimize the current drawbacks of construction sites.


3. Autonomous transportation and logistics system

The next generation of infrastructure will largely diminish the deficiencies of the current infrastructure.


4. New values and ideologies, and the importance of human interaction

Instead of dividing spaces into parts, we believe that creating inter-locked spatial conditions while respecting diversity and privacy will bring people to gather.