Internship Project | 2019 Summer

Fuyang Automobile Superman Office

Hangzhou, China

Natural ventilation is often the desired choice to get fresh air into the building. However, the most used casement windows and awning windows would greatly undermine the tidiness of the façade, especially for high-rise buildings. With that idea in mind, I was asked to explore the other possible options that not only fulfill the demands but also strengthen the visual effect. 

The architect had an original design that used aluminum sheets with two different sizes to create a pattern on the façade of the high-rise building. The pattern looks like a “Y” which creates an up-stretching effect and makes the building taller visually. I chose to use a glass door that opens towards the inside with a perforated aluminum sheet covering from the outside to achieve natural ventilation and visual tidiness. 

In order to save the modeling time, I used grasshopper to generate the façade and test out different iterations. Similarly, I also tested out different iterations for the annex and chose to use the parallel opening system to fulfill the requirements.

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