Studio Project | 2019 Fall

JFK Airport T4 Expansion

New York, USA

"Portals to a new journey, veins in a greater network of the world."

An airport is often people's first impression of a city and the last stop before they leave. A great design will bring travelers a wonderful fantasy and endless nostalgia.

The designer intended to create a mezzanine that contains a garden, a food and beverage area, and a gallery space above the departure floor. The three unique programs are emphasized architecturally through the undulating dropped ceiling which creates compressing and releasing moments of space. They also bring a richer experience to people's long waiting times.

The mechanical system that contains heating, cooling, ventilation, and rainwater collection uses is distributed modularly at each gate, located in-between the undulating dropped ceiling and the roof above it. The designer chose to use a dedicated outdoor air system for delivering outdoor air ventilation that handles both the latent and sensible loads of conditioning the ventilation air. The variable refrigerant flow is used for heating and cooling within the concourse. The system column and an oculus created accordingly are used as instinctive wayfinding system across the whole concourse.

All the architectural and system elements choreography the passenger circulation within the concourse.


Site Model
Mezzanine Level Plan
Concourse Level Plan
Sterile Corridor Level Plan
Mezzanine Floor
Departure Floor (Circulation)
Departure Floor (Garden)
Departure Floor (Seating Area)
Detailed Model
Detailed Model
Physical Models
Mezzanine Floor (Food & Beverage)
Mezzanine Floor (Kids Playing Area)
Structure System
Mechanical Diagram