Studio Project | 2018 Fall

Food Market and Hotel Tower

Montreal, Canada

With the development of modern architecture, steel and concrete continue to serve as the primary materials for large scale construction across the globe. Although the spatial, aesthetic, and structural affordances of these materials are universally accepted, the ecological impact of their productions is increasingly difficult to ignore.

The project is located in Montreal, a city with rich food culture. The combination of hotel and market enables visitors to experience the local food even within the neighborhood. Montreal is also one of the cities that has long-lasting winters with server climate. To cope with the natural factors, the city has a well-developed underground world which contains all kinds of amenities to let the citizens live normal lives through the winter.


Inspired by the current condition, the designer intended to treat the project as another node in the underground network which made it possible for people to use the market all-year-round. Responding to the site, people coming from the east and the west would naturally step down and flow into the market below ground. The warm color carried by the Cross-laminated timber also works as an inviting tool day and night. 

snow rendering
Site Plan
Plan 1F
Plan -1F
Model Images